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Taxation Services

High Tech Accounting has a dedicated team of tax professionals who are focussed on delivery of timely, quality tax services to assist clients navigate the complex tax landscape by providing them with holistic tax solutions that support their commercial objectives.

The ever-changing tax environment means a business adviser dedicated to keeping you one step ahead of the relevant tax issues is a necessity.

Tax Compliance

We assist clients in ensuring that all their compliance obligations are met. This area of our practice ensures all client lodgement obligations are met and assists clients in the reviews or audits undertaken by regulatory authorities.

Tax Planning

Tax is likely the largest single impost on any business, as such it needs to be managed more actively than any other expense. The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to legally minimise your taxes. We work with our clients to ensure that their goals are achieved whilst ensuring that the taxation implications are minimised wherever possible.

Tax Structure

Today’s decisions or lack thereof can have enormous costs tomorrow. Working with you, we can help you identify potential problems before they occur and provide you a secure way of ‘test checking’ your thinking with independent and commercial astute advice.

Situations with which we can assist include

• Establishing a new structure
• Reviewing a structure that has been outgrown by your business and personal needs
• Restructuring to access commercial and tax opportunities together with protecting assets
• Finalising a business structure and avoiding unanticipated tax impacts
• Resolving existing complex tax challenges and disputes